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Dead link "Berlusconi indignato per Annozero" E sulla Rai è scontro Cicchitto-Pd". Tille, Alexander (23 November 2008). "Metro UK - digital edition". 100 real Roma (27) See more. Retrieved "Incontri e candidatura Ecco la mia verità". For such reasons, Berlusconi and his government have an ongoing quarrel with the Italian judiciary, which reached its peak in 2003 when Berlusconi commented to a foreign journalist that judges are "mentally disturbed" and "anthropologically different from the rest of the human race remarks that. "Viewing cable 09rome97, Italy-Russia elations: the view from Rome". Storia d'Italia da Mussolini a Berlusconi. Guardaroba completo adatto ad ogni occasione. . 131 On, Patrizia D'Addario, a 42-year old escort and retired actress 132 from Bari, Italy, claimed that she had been recruited twice (by a mutual friend, who paid her 2000 Euros) in order to spend the evening, and once also the night, with Berlusconi. 123 However, on 14 May, newspaper la Repubblica published an article showing the many inconsistencies and contradictions arisen so far and formally asking Berlusconi to answer ten questions in order to clarify the situation. Roma (27 see more. "Pronto Silvio, sono Saccà". 145 During a contested 146 147 episode of AnnoZero on, the journalist and presenter Michele Santoro interviewed Patrizia D'Addario. Retrieved 4 December 2010. The allegations made against him generally include suspicions about the extremely fast increase of his activity as a construction entrepreneur in years 196163, hinting at the possibility that in those years he received money from unknown and possibly illegal sources. "Storm over Berlusconi 'inferior Muslims' remarks".

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